Thursday, 28 January 2010

Okay, this is my last drawing for the group so far. Our deaf rogue, Jonas (I stil haven't forgiven him for not hearing me getting raped by the beetles)

Played by Richie and we have no idea what we'd do without him

Close up on his face below. Because what's, a rogue without shadows?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Our mightyful, spiteyful meat tank: Erwin!

sorry it's sideways

*updated - sorted and turned, close up on the smiter (his hammer)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

My first Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

In late 2009, I joined a group of guys looking for a new member to play DnD with them. I was looking desperately for anyone who played and was more than happy to join them. I was freaking exstatic!

Well, Everything went cool. I downloaded every book I could lay my hands on and sweet god. I learned everything I could as well.

What follows is the in depth detail of my first campaign, A warped and still amazing Final Fantasy 9 campaign. Our players so far are Ryulin (Half Elf Ranger), Jonas (halfling gnome), Erwin (half sane human paladin) and our mighty DM Jake Bullet

The theatre ship pulls towards alexandria, the main city of the mist continent. A nation on high cliffs above the monster spawining valley.
The thieves group "Tantalus" are aboard, readying themselves to pull one of the largest heists ever. Erwin is the main man for this plot, a thief extrordinairre!
Ryulin is wandering aimlessly about the town gardens, a ticket in hand to watch a play in the castle very soon.
Erwin the Paladin guard of princess Garnet, leader of the Knights of pluto is awaiting the princess so he can guard her well.

Aboard the Tantalus Jonas goes over the plans once more, they are there to kidknap the princess by pretending to do a play, then sneaking into the castle to kidnap her!!
Ryulin at this point heads to the gates of the castle to enter, but the gaurds bar his entrance and tell him his ticket is a fake! however he soon meets puck (a rat person) in a secluded alley whilst trying to climb the walls, puck makes Ryulin steal a ladder whilst he makes a distraction so they can enter over the roof tops. A daring roof top run later, puck betrays Ryulin and leaves him dangling from a ledge until a great roll lets Ryulin climb back up safely (if not very annoyed at that bastard) as the play begins.
Erwin stands stoicly by his pricess, un moving and still like a statue.

Jonas pulls off a very sloppy sword-fight for his play "I want to be your canary". After his fight scene is complete he and his companion Blank slip quietly into the castle.

The Princess decides she wants to go to her as she feels rather depressed. Im quite sure watching a rip off of Romeo and Juliet doesn't help.

A few well rolled sneaking checks later our intrepid rogue, Jonas, has sneaked into the heart of the castle with Blank, a pair of guards are quickly dispatched by locking them in a room (luckily the pair are too stupid to know how to use a door handle). A staircase later the dastardly duo are sent bowling over, and blank down the stairs, by a beautiful girl in a hooded robe who begs Jonas to take her away from this place.
Ryulin is still watching the damn play, stealing children's popcorn to pass the time as he has no idea what's going on.

The ever watchful guard Erwin now enters the scene, hammer at the ready he instantly recognizes the hooded girl as no-one other than the princess Garnet! Enraged he crushes Blank's leg (after he just came all the way back up the stairs) into a soft mush, screaming his beloved phrase "SMITE! SMITE EVERYTHING!". Being as stupid as a brush he gets easily duped by Jonas's bluffs that she wanted to be toured around the play ship and follows them, hammer at the ready.

my big scene now! After failing a pickpocket check Ryulin gets noticed by an NPC guard (probably because he was surrounded by crying children) and almost arrested. Ryulin's only exit is to run desperately onto the theatre ship that Erwin, Richie and pricess Garnet are just boarding. In his haste to escape Ryulin cuts the wires holding the set up. The following catastrophe reveals the hooded girl to everyone as Garnet and the alarm is raised, The Queen of the castle barks orders from the balcony to stop them escaping!

The ship lurches to a start as the mass panic causes the wires holding the ship to snap. The Queen bellows for cannons to fire on the ship and in a short time it is aflame and escaping. the ship manages to fly a short distance from the city, guards who tried to board flying off the edge, flames growing larger as they engulf the ship. But the ship can't stay afloat forever and soon crash lands into the misty valley below the cliffs Alexandia castle was built upon.

Erwin wakes up first in the inferno which is overcoming the ship. he notices the princess isn't on the stage where she was. Instead of doing his guardly duty and immediately searching for the princess he decides to first smite poor Blank (Richie's thief friend) through a wall and screaming threats at Richie. (at this point I'd like to remind you Erwin the Paladin is a lawful good character)

Ryulin at this point comes bursting out of the burning closet he was hiding in and jumps to the forest floor. He sees a girl (the princess but he doesn't know it yet! Shhh) and goes over to aid her, but a failed spot check later he is attacked viciously by a pair of fire beetles. A short time later, this being his first ever battle, he is hurrendously bruised and batter by the low level monsters and near death.

High in the tree tops, amongst the burning wreckage of the theatre ship, Erwin hears the fight with his might paladin senses (and a low DiceCheck) and dashes off the edge of the ship to help the poor Ryulin, Smashing the beetles with his warhammer.

Jonas is completely oblivous at this point and hears nothing. Most likely sticking his fingers in his ears and being merry like all halflings are whilst patching up the unlucky smite victim Blank.

Ryulin and Erwin fend off the small and helpless beetles, failing numerous spot checks as the Princess is dragged away by a massive Vine Horror (A forest monster made of Vines).

Richie miraculously pulls his finger out and scores an amazing ranged attack killing the last big bad scary beetle. A much needed rest for the newly made party later (what with beetles and a ship crashing), they go looking for the princess using Ryulin's tracking.

A very short trek later, following the large ripped up trail the vine horror left, they find princess Garnet but the Vine Horror stands between them. Blank (the abused thief and constant target for pain) runs in (Im suprised he can walk :S) and tells them that the Vine Horror controls the forest's life and when he dies the forest will collapse in a horrible way.

To say the party got massacred by two ickle tiny beetles the battle was surprisingly a complete cake walk, mind you it nearly killed Jonas (and needed a healing surge each ). As it died the Vine Horror screamed an immense scream that made the forest shake. The roots turned grey and started to petrify (turn to stone) swallowing and petrifying everything it touched (including a squirrel which was awesome), so the gang grabbed the princess and legged it as heroically as they could from the forest whilst screaming like girls. Both Ryulin and Erwin had the petrification snap at there heels but both eluded the waves of stone. Just on the exit Blank was caught short by the petrification waves fell over and threw a vital map to a nearby village to richie before he was turned to stone.

so our intrepid explorers escaped with there lives, a princess, a bounty and no clue where to go except for a now stone guy's map! will they get the princess to wherever the damn map shows? what will the queen do to get her back except blow shit up?


Thursday, 14 January 2010


Okay boys and girls, Im an avid drawing fan and I made my DnD friends some character sketches.

im going to post Ryulin's sketch up but unfortunately I can't reveal the other 3 as I haven't shown the group them =(

My first blog

Okay, welcome every PC that reads this. Im here just to throw out every little thought I have, every story I play or write and some wimsical gems.

have fun and stick around